Don Juan Quince Paste

Item #: 563767, 3/3.8 KG

The golden-yellow quince fruit is a relative of the apple and pear and native to the Caucasus region between Europe and Asia. This unique fruit is typically cooked to yield a sweet, candied paste called membrillo. Don Juan quince paste is hand crafted in Malaga, Spain using artisan techniques with only the highest quality fruit. No additives, preservatives or artificial colors are used in production. This traditional Spanish snack features a sweet floral bouquet, slight tang and delicate overtones, making it an ideal complement to cheese.

Country: SPAIN
Brand: Don Juan
Ingredients: 55% quince, 45% sugar
Shelf Life: 12 months
UPC: 8-9993800262-6

Don Juan quince paste often complements cheese, offering a sweet contrast to the savory flavor of traditional Spanish cheeses, such as Manchego and Cabrales. This fruitful paste is also perfect to serve with ham, roasted meat or baked fish and as a spread on toasted bread.
A fruity Malbec or an American Barleywine are interesting pairings with quince paste.





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