Don Juan Mahon D.O.P.

Item #: 563013, 2/8 LB

From the tiny island of Menorca off the coast of Spain, Mahón DOP is named for this capital and port city that sits in the chain of Balearic Islands. The most popular Spanish cheese behind Manchego, Mahón DOP features a robust and buttery taste from cow’s milk, enhanced by the lush and bountiful pastures on this rocky island. Mahón DOP was traditionally prepared for sailors who traversed the Mediterranean Sea, packaged in dense, rectangular shapes for easy transport.
The distinct orange-yellow rind, which is the result of an olive oil and paprika rub, contributes to the bold, splend.. Read More..

Country: SPAIN
Brand: Don Juan
Type: Semi-Soft
Milk Type: Cow
Aged: 3 Months
Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s milk, animal rennet, salt, preservatives lysozyme (on rind), sodium lactate, potassium sorbate, natamycin
Allergens: Milk Allergies/Lactose Intolerance
Shelf Life: 6 months
UPC: 8-9993800209-1

Create a tapas plate and serve Mahon DOP with lightly fried chorizo and pieces of warm, crusty bread.
A bright Gruner Veltliner or an English Brown Ale is a perfect complement to the full-flavored Mahón DOP.





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