French Specialty

Bel Brand St Paulin

Item #: 353791, 2/4.5 LB

Originally the masterpiece of French monks, Saint Paulin is a monastery-style cheese from northern France. This version is with pure raw cow’s milk from the famed butter and cheese cooperative, Isigny Sainte-Mère. Born of divine inspiration, Saint Paulin spends over 60 days in the hallowed caves of Normandy, during which time the rind is washed with brine and then carefully brushed to give it a touch of French “esprit.” The result is a silky textured cheese with a sweet and salty taste.

Country: FRANCE
Brand: Bel Brand
Type: Washed Rind
Milk Type: Cow
Allergens: Milk Allergies/Lactose Intolerance

Use this mild cheese on a panini with slow-cooked pork and roasted red peppers.
Pair with a beautiful Beaujolais or a Blonde Weissbier.





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