Elizabeth, NJ— Atalanta is excited to announce the acquisition of the cheese assets from Sonoma Creamery – including Sonoma Cheese and Sonoma Jack. These cheeses date back to 1931 crafted by Italian immigrants Celso Viviani and Tom Vella. Since 1945, with a cheese production facility and a retail store on the Sonoma Plaza, just down the block from the historic Sonoma Mission, the cheeses have been steeped in the rich tradition and the abundant food and wine culture of California’s Sonoma Valley. Sonoma Cheese is beloved for having created the original Pepper Jack cheese.

Atalanta plans to grow Sonoma Cheese beyond the West Coast. Atalanta’s national distribution network, the abundance of warehouses, and the talented sales team will help Sonoma Cheese grow and thrive.

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Sonoma Cheese by our company,” says Tom Gellert, President of Atalanta. “This strategic move will expand our product offerings and strengthen our ability to be a part of every food experience.”

Sonoma Cheese plays an integral part in the history of American cheese making. In the late 70s and early 80s, Sonoma began to blend fresh vegetables and spices into the curd, creating the iconic Sonoma Hot Pepper Jack, Garlic Jack, Habanero Jack, and other popular flavors. Sonoma Cheese has grown in the past several years, primarily through Costco.

“We couldn’t be happier that the historic Sonoma fresh cheese products have found a home in Atalanta’s growing and impressive portfolio,” says John Crean, CEO of Sonoma Creamery. “This strategic divestiture allows Sonoma Creamery to focus on its growing snack business going forward.”

Atalanta is excited to invest in opportunities with Sonoma Cheese, including adding strategic sales and marketing resources, expanding distribution, and growing other channels like food service.

Sonoma Cheese will be shown at both IDDBA and the Summer Fancy Food Show at the Atalanta booth.

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