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Atalanta Corporation has been one of the foremost specialty food importers of highest quality cheese, charcuterie, deli meat, grocery products and seafood from around the world. Founded in 1945, and now under the umbrella of Gellert Global Group, Atalanta is the largest privately held food importer in the United States. Our vision is to lead the industry with innovative, sustainable products that delight, inspire and exceed our customers' expectations. Every day, we search the globe for the best, most unique, authentic and delicious products and bring them to our customers. Our diverse range of products paired with our solid foundation of quality assurance and food safety meet the requirements of every market, from commodity to specialty.

From manufacturers and retail trade to specialty grocery and food service, Atalanta takes great pride in the long-lasting relationships we've built. Our customers, suppliers, and partners enjoy the best possible service with speed and efficiency. And when it comes to our workforce, we're a family. As a third-generation family-run business, our owners have a hand in the day-to-day business and greet every employee by name.

Atalanta has an international workforce, with people from all over the world—our employees come from countries including Holland, Italy, Philippines and Germany—and a very diverse age range from Millennials to Baby Boomers. Many employees have been with the company for as long as 40 years.

“The thing about our business is that our customers are personal friends. Our employees are personal friends. People we buy from are personal friends. Our bankers are our friends. Our whole universe – even though it’s business – we all socialize, and it’s one big happy family”.

- George Gellert, Chairman of the Board

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