ENTREMONT, the flagship brand of Sodiaal, is committed to crafting cheeses with 100% French milk from our cooperative dairy farms. Meaning "between mountains," Entremont started in 1948 when the three Entremont brothers, François, Marius and Edouard, began maturing and selling Emmental in Annecy, Savoie, in the heart of French Alps. Over the years, Entremont extended its portfolio and cheese know-how by merging with different French cheese companies throughout the French mountains.

Thanks to its impeccable local sourcing, Entremont provides a wide variety of PDO, PGI and specialty cheeses that reflect their unique land and tradition. Entremont is France's number one producer of Emmental, Comté, Bleu d'Auvergne and, Cantal, and many more cheeses. Our mission is to bring people together through a shared love of cheese. Join us on a journey through the mountains and valleys of France and discover a world of fine cheeses.


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