Celebrity Ashlyn

Item #: 063743, 6/14 OZ

This award-winning, soft-ripened Chèvre cheese is made from creamy Canadian goat’s milk. Enveloped in a delicate white, bloomy rind, a layer of vegetable ash cuts the ivory-colored interior, creating a distinctly tangy, earthy flavor. Made in an artisanal manner, Ashlyn is a deliciously smooth cheese that is hand-dipped in vegetable ash, coating the outside of the cheese. Wonderful with robust red wines and warm, crusty breads.

Country: CANADA
Brand: Celebrity
Type: Soft Ripened
Milk Type: Goat
Special: Kosher
Aged: Fresh
Ingredients: Goat Cheese (Pasteurized goat milk, bacterial culture, sea salt, microbial enzyme) vegetable ash, Penicillium candidum.
Allergens: Milk Allergies/Lactose Intolerance
Rennet: Microbial
Shelf Life: 90 days
Shelf Life (Open): 5-7 days
UPC: 0-7127038420-6

Let this ashy beauty take center stage on every cheese spread with cracked black pepper breadsticks and pear fruit sauce
Enjoy with a robust Chianti.





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