Don Juan Marcona Almonds

Item #: 563929, 1/8.3 LB

The Marcona almond also referred to as the “Queen of Almonds,” is considered one of the most delectable varieties of almonds in the world. The mild climate and fertile soil of Mediterranean Spain provide perfect growing conditions for the Marcona almond. Marconas are a variety from the “prunus dulcis var dulcis” sweet almond related to the peach tree and native to the Mediterranean, specifically grown in Valencia, Murcia, and Mallorca. These nutrient rich nuts are high in Oleic acid and Vitamin E making Marcona almonds one of the healthiest snack choices. Offered roasted and salted, fr.. Read More..

Country: SPAIN
Brand: Don Juan
Allergens: Tree nut

Pair with Manchego cheese, fresh figs and honey. Serve at any cocktail hour, party or celebration. Watch as your guests gobble these by the handful!
Try a Spanish Sherry for a unique pairing that balances the creamy, salty flavor of Marcona Almonds.





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