Fontana Hams bring you the full fragrance and flavour of tradition because we produce them following the antique recipe. Our Hams come from the lush green hills around Parma, steeped in culinary tradition, with age-old recipes that testify to a heartfelt love for the natural goodness of things past. Ermes Fontana Hams embody the innate and skilled art of the patriarch of our hams, Ermes Fontana. He has dedicated his life to producing nothing but the best. Parma Ham is a traditional delicacy which has found new acclaim in the present, offering superb quality to the increasingly selective tables of today and tomorrow. Fontana Ham - high nutritional value, easily digested and low salt content - satisfies both the most exigent gourmet and those with particularly stringent dietary requirements. Fontana Ham, is really... "The choicest of Prosciutto di Parma".





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