THE HISTORY: The ancient Celtic country of Wales, famous for its beauty and musical heritage has produced cheese for hundreds of years. Through generations, Cheddar has been a favourite of Welsh families who appreciated its strength and uncompromising taste, full of character and depth. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the mountains of South Wales yielded finest quality coal which was exported around the world. The men who mined this coal were called COLLIER'S and the work they undertook, in near darkness and extreme conditions, was both hard and hazardous. For these men, cheese was a staple part of their diet. Not only did it represent good value, but was nutritious and possessed an extraordinary taste. It made a welcome meal, that sustained them through long days underground. The Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar brand and presentation, was created to reflect the unique and powerful image of the Collier and represent the integrity and preference of that bygone age.


Butter Salted
Cheese Cheddar





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